Some rough concept pieces I created for a Nike pitch last year which sadly never came to fruition! In this line of work you often create things which end up never being used or seen by anybody! This was one of those cases.

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COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey

Part IV: Drought

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COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey

Part III: Barbarian Invasion!

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COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey

Part II: The Gods

One of the really cool things about working on this project was that they were VERY interested in getting all the facts right when it came to historical depictions and they had a dedicated research team that would provide me with all of the most accurate information they could find for every scene in the mini-doc. It was incredibly helpful for illustrating things like the ancient farming techniques, and also for this sequence which featured distinct gods from 6 different civilizations. There was still a little bit of creative interpretation on my end, especially for some of the more obscure gods, but luckily it was close enough and I got the OK from the research team!

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COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey

Part I: Ancient Mesopotamia

I don’t know how many of you caught this, but I totally had a little segment in last night’s episode of COSMOS, “The Immortals”! It’s about a tremendous drought that destroyed the ancient civilzations of Mesopotamia! FOX approached me about doing this little piece a few months ago and I sprung at the opportunity! If you didn’t know, I am a big fan of SCIENCE and I was so pumped to be a part of this incredible series and to have animated a piece to Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s (my hero!) narration and Ann Druyan’s writing! I am so thankful to Kara Vallow, Brent Woods and Allie Crane for inviting me to take part in this project and being so supportive throughout the production! Also I had an amazing crew to help me create the animation - long-time collaborator Stephane Coedel who was the lead Animator & Compositor, the incredible Stephen Vuillemin who did character animation, and my amazing sister Emily Haidri who produced the spot for us! A real dream job!

Here is a LINK to the full episode if you want to watch (our segment starts around 26:40)!

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Hey guys I did a Star Trek poster for Mondo and it’s going on sale today at a random time! I don’t know what time! This is my first poster for Mondo so it’s all an exciting new experience! We’ll see how it goes! I’m told you can follow MondoNews on Twitter to get all the sale info! They are also selling a much cooler poster by Matt Taylor at the same time if you prefer to get that one!

My poster is based on the classic Trek episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” which I chose pretty much just because of Sherry Jackson and her amazing duo-tone jumpsuit thing!

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Here are some development posters I painted for the Mr. Peabody & Sherman movie like 3 years ago! I’m not totally sure what these were ever used for but they were really fun to make! You can see them in The Art of Mr. Peabody & Sherman book which is AVAILABLE NOW and has lots of really cool pictures in it!

Oh and the Peabodys in these posters were drawn by Craig Kellman!

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"You Are Special" by Sherryn Sim

Please watch and share this amazing film created by a super talented young lady named Sherryn Sim (just 13 years old!). The film is about how to deal with bullies and has now become part of Cartoon Network’s anti-bullying campaign.

Sherryn was selected through a special program at Cartoon Network to have her film produced in the studio, and I was lucky enough to be part of the team that helped bring it to life, along with my friends Dave Smith, Stephane Coedel, Jasmin Lai, Damien Gaillardon, Suzie Vlcek, Dominic Bisignano, and more!! However, all we really did was add color and movement and sound - the film is 100% storyboarded, designed, and directed by Sherryn! Oh - it also features Tara Strong (Powerpuff Girls’ Bubbles!) as the narrator! And Sherryn got her friends from school to play the other planets. How cool!

Please click here to watch “You Are Special” and share it with anyone who wants to stop bullies!

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Le Chat Parisienne

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Boing Boing - Ford Transit Concept

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