Here are some keys I painted for the Dogcopter trailer at the beginning of Lion 2: The Movie, under the direction of the incomparable Elle Michalka!

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This is a painting I did to explore the look of the Sky Spire in “Giant Woman” and I also used it later to test out an idea we had for the episode title cards before Rebecca decided to do the laundry hands idea.

The backgrounds for this episode were later beautifully designed & painted by Sam & Elle! Check out a selection of the productions BGs HERE!

This is my favorite episode that I worked on! And it has my favorite song that Rebecca wrote! She even dedicated this live version to me at Comic Con last year!! ^O^

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Bubble Buddies Color Keys!

I think this was one of my favorite episodes that I worked on! I just thought the idea of Steven and Connie in a bubble was really cute and they visit so many cool places in this episode. The underwater stuff was heavily inspired by Super Mario World!

Check out a selection of the finished BGs HERE!

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Steven Universe Logo!

Here is some of the work that went into designing the Steven Universe logo! We started with the gold lettering idea from the pilot and original promo poster which you can see here. I did a couple roughs which we then based the final logo on. The final logo was the result of a team effort by myself, Danny and Angie who did line cleanups, Rebecca and Ian who provided lots of creative input, and Tiffany who did a final color pass on the cleaned up artwork!

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Assorted Character & Prop Color Keys!

I did just a handful of quick keys while I was working on Steven for various character and prop things. It was usually just if Danny or somebody said they needed help with a specific design or if I had an idea for something that I wanted to illustrate. From top to bottom: early exploration for the look and feel of the Red Eye from Laser Light, the final Red Eye was brilliantly designed by Angie Wang —- first design of Greg’s van before we added his trademark Mr. Universe mural, the final Van was designed by Danny Hynes —- color and shape explorations for Garnet and Pearl, these were really more for fun than anything since the designs were already getting pretty solid at that point —- and a Centipeedle design to show an idea I had about the undersides being made of gems, the final Centipeedle was designed by Colin Howard.

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Together Breakfast Color Keys

Here are some really truly awful color keys I painted for Together Breakfast that were miraculously interpreted into some GORGEOUS backgrounds by Sam Bosma and Elle Michalka - CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

Also look at this beautiful selection of Cheeseburger Backpack Backgrounds!! Those were designed by Steven Sugar and painted by Amanda Winterstein!

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Cheeseburger - Warp Tunnel Design

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Cheeseburger - Sea Spire Color Key

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Here are all of the keys I painted for the Cookie Cat sequence in Gem Glow! I made them as animated GIFs so the overseas studios would know how to treat the moving backgrounds. Check out these really cool early designs for Cookie Cat on Jeff Liu’s Blog! Cookie Cat was masterfully colored by Tiffany Ford who made the brilliant (and delicious) decision to make him two-flavored. I don’t think there has ever been a more delicious prop created for an animated TV show. Cookie Cat’s final design is thanks to Angie Wang! And this sequence was boarded by Joe Johnston.

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Laser Light Design & Lighting Keys

Laser Light was actually the very first episode we all worked on, so these were some really early B/W keys I did to help us establish a look and feel for Beach City. This is when I first started playing around with some of our “capsule cloud” theories too. These keys just sort of set a groundwork for general shape and lighting ideas, while the final art was created by our phenomenal design & color teams. The final BGs for this episode were designed by Steven Sugar, Patrick Leger, and Sam Bosma, and painted by Elle Michalka and Amanda Winterstein!

Check out a nice selection of some of the final Laser Light BGs HERE!

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