here are some backgrounds, props, and effects I did a billion years ago for The Powerpuff Girl’s special “Dance Pantsed”!

Jasmin is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever met and was such a joy to work with on PPG! We had such a small crew and she was a vital part of it and had a big influence over me and everyone else both with her talent and her charming personality! Go follow her blog if you’re not already!!

The Powerpuff Girls Special Trailer!!

You guys, it’s the first trailer for the Powerpuff Girls thing! We put so much love into this thing. I really hope you all like it! I art directed it and my best friend Dave Smith directed it and my other best friend Stephane Coedel directed the animation and it has art from all of these amazing people!!! These people:

Chris Turnham
Jasmin Lai
Tiffany Ford
Chris Mitchell
Elle Michalka
Craig Kellman!

It comes out January 20th! Woo!