Last year was a crazy year. I spent a lot of time ruining childhoods, creating childhoods, helping other people create childhoods, and living out my own childhood dreams! But there is another project I worked on that will in no way ruin anyone’s childhood! I had the amazing opportunity to work with Spike Jonze on his new movie “Her”. I designed & boarded a funny little video game inside the movie called “Perfect Mom”, and later worked with my friend Stephane Coedel and Passion Pictures to produce the final animation for the film. It is a very small contribution, but the experience of working on this amazing movie was enormous and unforgettable and I’m so proud to have played any part at all in the creation of it.

Also I want to thank my friend David O’Reilly who introduced me to Spike and got me the job in the first place. David animated & produced another amazing video game inside the movie with really cool holograms and man it’s awesome! Also it has designs from Nelson Boles! Whoa!

Her is in theaters everywhere THIS FRIDAY, go see it!