New travel posters! I will have prints available of both of these at Comic Con + t-shirts with the Rio design! Booth 5007!

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Collector’s Space Shuttle Screenprints!

I’ll be debuting 3 new screenprints at Comic Con next week commemorating the amazing Space Shuttle program which spanned 30 years! These will be available indivudually or as a set. Each one is 10”x28”.

Come visit me and my friends Jasmin Lai and Tiffany Ford at Booth #5007!

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Chris Turnham Art Show!

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You Are Special

Tomorrow (September 19th) at 1PM at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, they are screening a film called “You Are Special” by Sherryn Sim. Sherryn is a phenomenally talented middle school student who was selected through a special outreach program to have her film idea realized at Cartoon Network earlier this year. I was lucky enough to be a part of the effort to bring Sherryn’s vision to life, along with my friends Dave Smith, Stephane Coedel, Jasmin Lai, Damien Gaillardon, Suzie Vlcek, Dominic Bisignano, and more! It was a really amazing experience and we were all so motivated by Sherryn’s story and designs. You can follow THIS LINK for all of the festival and screening info. I hope some of you can make it, and I also hope they put it online soon so everybody can enjoy Sherryn’s story!

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Voyager - Space Show @1988

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Wildlife Learning Center Art Show!


You guys, you should all come to the Wildlife Learning Center Art Show, this weekend at the Wildlife Learning Center! It’ll be a bunch of art and stuff to raise money for cute animals and some really sweet dangerous animals like alligators! It’ll be so rad. I did two new screenprints for the show! I’m gonna post them right after this (I didn’t do this flyer but it is cool). Check out the Facebook page for all the info HERE!

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Comic Con Booth 5007!

Come visit me and Chris Turnham at Booth 5007 this week at Comic Con! We have some pretty cool new stuff this year, including three brand new t-shirt designs! Chris has a bunch of new screenprints, and I will have my Gold Gun Girls poster available for the very first time! We will also be selling prints of my Colouroids and mini-print sets of some of my favorite E.T. drawings!

Hope to see you there!

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Thailand Flood Relief Fundraiser

This Saturday from 7-11 is the Thailand Flood Relief Fundraiser at Q Pop! It will be an awesome time and there will be loads of art up for auction. I am planning to donate some prints of my Colouroids! Here is the Facebook Event Page with more info and a complete artist list. Hope to see you there!

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