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Q: Just wanted to say that your art is awesome, and very inspiring! I was wondering, maybe you could give me a piece of advice? It's been a long time since I've been dedicating to art. Neither my job nor my college degree are art related, but a couple of months ago I turned back to art, and am studying really hard. Past couple of weeks I've been stuck in anatomy studies and color theory. However, I still have these terrible feeling that I'm really behind... Do you have any tips on improving faster?

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Hi!  I really relate to your situation.  I was super into drawing when I was a kid, but then spent most of my high school years learning how to code.  I even spent a year of college pursuing a computer science major before I decided to switch my focus back to art.  I felt like I’d missed some formative years where all of my peers were learning things that I would never be able to make up for.  Even once I was in art school, my primary focus was on 3D character modeling, not drawing.  I didn’t fully dedicate myself to drawing until I was maybe 22 or 23.  I think it’s important to know that however you’ve decided to focus your time, as long as you’re learning something, it’s not wasted time.  My background in coding has helped immensely in the way I problem solve, given me the ability to create my own websites to promote myself, and also in my general knowledge of computers which is super helpful since they are my primary art tool!  My background in 3D modeling has helped me in visualizing spaces and in translating 2D ideas into 3D.  All of these things help you in unexpected ways and make you a more versatile artist.  So I wouldn’t think of it as “falling behind” but more as broadening your skillset.

As far as improving faster, there’s no secrets or quick fixes for that!  It all comes down to how dedicated you are.  The people who end up succeeding are just the ones who didn’t give up.  You have to be able to weather a lot of hard times and frustration and ups and downs and keep drawing and stay focused through all of it.  Don’t think about time you’ve “missed out on” and focus on using the tools you have now at your disposal to carve out your own path and don’t ever give up!

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