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Q: Hi Kevin! I really admire your work and love seeing it on my tumblr feed! I was wondering what you do to stay inspired?

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Hi! I wanted to answer this because I remember when I was younger I used to go through long spells where I felt like I had a creative block or “just didn’t feel like drawing”.  I haven’t had that feeling in a long time and this question made me wonder what happened since then.  I think it boils down to having a broader appreciation of the world.  I’ve found as I’ve studied art and gained more life experience in general that it’s easier to see amazing things all around me, whereas my younger self would need a massive creative spark of some sort that would give me a flash of inspiration.  These days I feel more aware of stuff and feel like it’s easier to notice things that are just vaguely different enough to be super interesting and inspiring, like an especially orange cloud in the sky that I can’t ever recall seeing, or an exceptionally blue shadow on one side of a box.  I think as you draw more, your brain learns to make connections between things more easily, so mundane observations of the world can quickly turn into grand ideas or give you an answer to a problem you’ve been chewing on for a while.

I still have plenty of days where things don’t go how I want them to or I hit a wall with an idea, but there’s almost always another idea that can quickly take its place.  You shouldn’t ever be afraid to scrap something if your intuition tells you its not working, but at the same time you shouldn’t be afraid to follow an idea into the ground even if it feels like it might not work out.  I think the key is to just try your best to be a keen observer of the world, compare, contrast, and critique everything you see, take lots of mental notes, and keep an open mind!

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