ashelbydblog asked:

Hi! I wanted to tell you I like your work. I am going to college in five months and I want to major in animation. Do you have any tips?

Hi!  I have one big tip which is that college is not the end of your education!  In fact it’s just the beginning.  I didn’t feel like I really started learning until after I got out of college.  Use the time in college to soak in everything you can.  You might realize later that something a teacher told you was completely wrong, or it might take you a long time to realize how right they were.  But it’s all an experience, and you’ll never have another 2-4 year period of your life where you can just work on improving yourself and focus on personal projects & films.  Just practice, experience life, and take everything with a grain of salt!  One person’s method doesn’t always work for another person.  But you sorta have to try everything out in order to know what does work for you!  And it takes a lot of time and patience to do that.

Most importantly - don’t ever give up!  Good luck!

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