Assorted Character & Prop Color Keys!

I did just a handful of quick keys while I was working on Steven for various character and prop things. It was usually just if Danny or somebody said they needed help with a specific design or if I had an idea for something that I wanted to illustrate. From top to bottom: early exploration for the look and feel of the Red Eye from Laser Light, the final Red Eye was brilliantly designed by Angie Wang —- first design of Greg’s van before we added his trademark Mr. Universe mural, the final Van was designed by Danny Hynes —- color and shape explorations for Garnet and Pearl, these were really more for fun than anything since the designs were already getting pretty solid at that point —- and a Centipeedle design to show an idea I had about the undersides being made of gems, the final Centipeedle was designed by Colin Howard.

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