Steven Universe Title Sequence!

Guys I’m super pumped to share this title sequence from Steven Universe with you! I spent the first half of the year working on Steven as the art director helping Rebecca define a look for her show. This title sequence was one of the last things I worked on before I left. It was really challenging because we didn’t actually have any time in the schedule to do it, but we also felt that it was really important and also Rebecca’s theme song and storyboard were so inspiring (the theme song is so catchy, I think I was whistling it in the shower for like a month straight!) I think we wanted to make the time to do it! My role in it was primarily color stuff. The first thing I did when I started working on it was this color script:

A lot of things ended up changing from this first color script but it gave us a good place to start. I ended up painting most of the BGs myself in order to avoid overburdening the color team, although I got some much needed help from Amanda Winterstein, who painted the boardwalk shot with the Donut Shop, and Jasmin Lai who figured out the light burst effects for the beginning! Rebecca and I were holed up in my office practically every night for like 2 weeks eating Chipotle bowls and trying to nail down the color stuff. I think it came out really well in the end and I feel super proud of it and all the hard work everybody did! Everyone really put a huge effort into this thing. Here’s full credits for the titles from Ian’s blog:

Storyboard by Rebecca Sugar

Art Direction by Kevin Dart

Music composed by Rebecca Sugar, Arranged by Jeff Liu, Aivi and Surasshu

Animation by Danny Hynes, Joe Johnston, Ian Jones-Quartey, Jeff Liu and Rebecca Sugar

Background Design by Steven Sugar

Character Color by Tiffany Ford

Background Color by Amanda Winterstein

Overseas Production by Sunmin Image Pictures Co., Ltd

Animation Direction by Nick DeMayo and Ki-Yong Bae

And oh yeah! That shot at the very end of the video with the hand is actually one of the show’s title cards (for some reason sans titles), painted by me and composited by my best of buds Stephane Coedel! I’ll talk more about those in another post, and also maybe post more stuff from the title sequence like final BGs and whatever!

In conclusion, get pumped everybody, this thing comes out NOVEMBER 4TH!!

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