You Are Special

Tomorrow (September 19th) at 1PM at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, they are screening a film called “You Are Special” by Sherryn Sim. Sherryn is a phenomenally talented middle school student who was selected through a special outreach program to have her film idea realized at Cartoon Network earlier this year. I was lucky enough to be a part of the effort to bring Sherryn’s vision to life, along with my friends Dave Smith, Stephane Coedel, Jasmin Lai, Damien Gaillardon, Suzie Vlcek, Dominic Bisignano, and more! It was a really amazing experience and we were all so motivated by Sherryn’s story and designs. You can follow THIS LINK for all of the festival and screening info. I hope some of you can make it, and I also hope they put it online soon so everybody can enjoy Sherryn’s story!

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