Mickey Mouse Shorts!

You guys have probably already watched this and loved it like a million times, but I wanted to post it because I actually did a really tiny amount of work on this like a super long time ago! Paul Rudish asked me to do a few exploratory paintings to help develop and sell the look he wanted, and then showed me his amazing storyboards for both Croissant de Triomphe and No Service. I was really inspired by what he was doing and excited to help out! Interestingly I had actually planned my first ever trip to Paris before getting the assignment, and ended up finishing these paintings on the evening before I left! Now that I have been to Paris twice it’s interesting to look back on these paintings of my imagined version of the city.

*And just to clarify - I had absolutely nothing to do with the finished cartoon! I only worked on it during the very early development stages. There is a list of people who worked on the shorts here on my friend Andy’s blog!

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