I thought I’d start posting some of my Titan backgrounds with this episode, “Roar of the White Dragon”. This one was really special for me because when Genndy and Scott had to go to Korea for a week, they left me in charge of coming up for a look for these backgrounds in their absence. The centerpiece of the episode is a Fast and the Furious-style race through the city at night. However the whole city is under construction because it was destroyed by a monster in a previous episode. I needed to make the backgrounds quickly so I ended up creating a brush set of construction girders, building frames, cranes, and light flares to do it.

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    Reblog from the oh so talented Kevin Dart showcasing his work on Sym-Bionic Titan. His backgrounds are just glorious....
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  6. ordynary said: could you make this available on Europe/Finland too? country restrictions suck.
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  8. philliplight said: I loved the style of this show so much. Really beautiful cityscapes Kevin :)
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