The all-new Powerpuff Girls Special “Dance Pantsed” premieres TONIGHT on Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM! And it’s going to be followed by an all-new episode of Steven Universe, “Tiger Millionaire”!

Hope you enjoy our cartoons!

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Ringo Model Sheets!

From the video "I Wish I Was a Powerpuff Girl"!

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Question & Answer

Q: Quick question: I like making characters but hate doing backgrounds. Any tips on how to make them more enjoyable? (Also your stuff is amazing by the way)

asked by Anonymous

Hi!  Thanks!  And yes, I have tips.  First of all (and I’m not saying you do this) but backgrounds are never going to be fun if you try drawing them AFTER you’ve already drawn your characters.  It’s really the FIRST thing you need to consider because it’s like 70-90% of your entire composition!

Second - if you like drawing characters, look at the background as if it’s a character!  Everything in there can help tell the story of your characters.  What kind of environments would your characters inhabit?  What sort of props would they surround themselves with?  If they’re in a building, what is the style of the architecture?  Also, you can draw environments just as dynamically as you draw characters - with motion, emotion, personality, all of that!  The background is also one of your biggest tools for directing the viewer’s eye in your composition - it can point them exactly where they need to look!

Third - the same as you would when you’re drawing a character, don’t rely on stereotypes or icons!  Not every tree is an oak tree.  There are so many types of trees.  But you have to look for them, and study them.  Be as specific as you possibly can with everything in the environment, otherwise it will look boring and generic.

Most importantly, keep drawing and challenging yourself to try new things!  Good luck!

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Question & Answer

Q: Hi! I wanted to tell you I like your work. I am going to college in five months and I want to major in animation. Do you have any tips?

asked by ashelbydblog

Hi!  I have one big tip which is that college is not the end of your education!  In fact it’s just the beginning.  I didn’t feel like I really started learning until after I got out of college.  Use the time in college to soak in everything you can.  You might realize later that something a teacher told you was completely wrong, or it might take you a long time to realize how right they were.  But it’s all an experience, and you’ll never have another 2-4 year period of your life where you can just work on improving yourself and focus on personal projects & films.  Just practice, experience life, and take everything with a grain of salt!  One person’s method doesn’t always work for another person.  But you sorta have to try everything out in order to know what does work for you!  And it takes a lot of time and patience to do that.

Most importantly - don’t ever give up!  Good luck!

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"You Are Special" by Sherryn Sim

Please watch and share this amazing film created by a super talented young lady named Sherryn Sim (just 13 years old!). The film is about how to deal with bullies and has now become part of Cartoon Network’s anti-bullying campaign.

Sherryn was selected through a special program at Cartoon Network to have her film produced in the studio, and I was lucky enough to be part of the team that helped bring it to life, along with my friends Dave Smith, Stephane Coedel, Jasmin Lai, Damien Gaillardon, Suzie Vlcek, Dominic Bisignano, and more!! However, all we really did was add color and movement and sound - the film is 100% storyboarded, designed, and directed by Sherryn! Oh - it also features Tara Strong (Powerpuff Girls’ Bubbles!) as the narrator! And Sherryn got her friends from school to play the other planets. How cool!

Please click here to watch “You Are Special” and share it with anyone who wants to stop bullies!

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Last year was a crazy year. I spent a lot of time ruining childhoods, creating childhoods, helping other people create childhoods, and living out my own childhood dreams! But there is another project I worked on that will in no way ruin anyone’s childhood! I had the amazing opportunity to work with Spike Jonze on his new movie “Her”. I designed & boarded a funny little video game inside the movie called “Perfect Mom”, and later worked with my friend Stephane Coedel and Passion Pictures to produce the final animation for the film. It is a very small contribution, but the experience of working on this amazing movie was enormous and unforgettable and I’m so proud to have played any part at all in the creation of it.

Also I want to thank my friend David O’Reilly who introduced me to Spike and got me the job in the first place. David animated & produced another amazing video game inside the movie with really cool holograms and man it’s awesome! Also it has designs from Nelson Boles! Whoa!

Her is in theaters everywhere THIS FRIDAY, go see it!

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The PowerPuff Girls: Dance Pantsed (Preview)


Thanks to the nice person who made this image collage!

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Question & Answer

Q: I can't begin to express how excited I was to hear you were involved with the new PpG special. I've seen your work in galleries and was absolutely floored when they announced you were the art director for my favorite show of all time. I have loved everything I've seen so far and cannot wait for the special itself. I hope you have remained insulated from the negativity and know just how much this former Powerpuff wannabe appreciates the beauty of your work. Thank you.

asked by Anonymous

Also there has been a huge amount of awesome love and support from everywhere so thank you all so much for that!! PPG 4EVER XOXOXO 

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Question & Answer

Q: How fucking dare you allow them to change the animation style of PPG to this shitty CGI. It is an absolute insult to the creator, the fans, and to television in general. You people are about to fuck up worse than Warner Bros. did with that nauseating Yogi Bear Movie. It appears you people made no attempt whatsoever to stay true to the source material. You guys couldn't get even 1 thing right. Put down that axe your currently using to destroy childhoods and pick up a pencil instead.

asked by Anonymous

I know some people out there are upset by the look of the new PPG Special, and that is totally cool with me!  But I will say that nothing in this one-off special is ever going to change the original show that you know and love!  Also - PPG is one of my biggest animation influences (along with Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack) and made me want to become a professional animation person.  You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger Powerpuff Girls fan than myself.  Working on this special was a dream come true for me as well as for the other artists who worked on it.  But as much as we love the original show, none of us could see the point in doing the exact same thing again.  There are six beautiful seasons AND a movie AND an anniversary special which were done in that style.  So why not try something new?  It’s just a single episode, and it’s our own personal love letter to the Powerpuff Girls.  So love it or hate it, it was made with nothing but good intentions and peace and love and no one will force you to accept this version of the girls if you don’t want to.

And now I’ve gotta pick up my axe and get back to work! *chop chop chop*

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"I WISH I WAS A POWERPUFF GIRL" sung by RINGO STARR and written by DAVE SMITH! Animation by Polygon Pictures!! And art directed by me?? OH MY GOSH!

Dreams do come true, you guys.

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