This is a painting I did to explore the look of the Sky Spire in “Giant Woman” and I also used it later to test out an idea we had for the episode title cards before Rebecca decided to do the laundry hands idea.

The backgrounds for this episode were later beautifully designed & painted by Sam & Elle! Check out a selection of the productions BGs HERE!

This is my favorite episode that I worked on! And it has my favorite song that Rebecca wrote! She even dedicated this live version to me at Comic Con last year!! ^O^

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The Creators Project did an in-depth interview with me and David O’Reilly about the development and production of our video games for “Her”! You can read it here.

Above are two of my concept paintings for the “Perfect Mom” game!

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The Professor’s Lab - Backgrounds from the Powerpuff Girls Special “Dance Pantsed”

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Some location backgrounds for the Powerpuff Girls Danced Pantsed Special on Cartoon Network!

I also had the pleasure of working with my longtime friend Chris Turnham on the Powerpuff Special and he painted a lot of beautiful things like this! This actually marked our first studio work collaboration since we were both working at the same video game studio about 8 years ago!

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The Utonium House - Throughout the Day - Backgrounds from the Powerpuff Girls Special “Dance Pantsed”

Timelapse wizardry by Stephane Coedel

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here are some backgrounds, props, and effects I did a billion years ago for The Powerpuff Girl’s special “Dance Pantsed”!

Jasmin is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever met and was such a joy to work with on PPG! We had such a small crew and she was a vital part of it and had a big influence over me and everyone else both with her talent and her charming personality! Go follow her blog if you’re not already!!

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The City of Townsville! - Backgrounds from “Dance Pantsed”

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The all-new Powerpuff Girls Special “Dance Pantsed” premieres TONIGHT on Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM! And it’s going to be followed by an all-new episode of Steven Universe, “Tiger Millionaire”!

Hope you enjoy our cartoons!

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Ringo Model Sheets!

From the video "I Wish I Was a Powerpuff Girl"!

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Question & Answer

Q: Quick question: I like making characters but hate doing backgrounds. Any tips on how to make them more enjoyable? (Also your stuff is amazing by the way)

asked by Anonymous

Hi!  Thanks!  And yes, I have tips.  First of all (and I’m not saying you do this) but backgrounds are never going to be fun if you try drawing them AFTER you’ve already drawn your characters.  It’s really the FIRST thing you need to consider because it’s like 70-90% of your entire composition!

Second - if you like drawing characters, look at the background as if it’s a character!  Everything in there can help tell the story of your characters.  What kind of environments would your characters inhabit?  What sort of props would they surround themselves with?  If they’re in a building, what is the style of the architecture?  Also, you can draw environments just as dynamically as you draw characters - with motion, emotion, personality, all of that!  The background is also one of your biggest tools for directing the viewer’s eye in your composition - it can point them exactly where they need to look!

Third - the same as you would when you’re drawing a character, don’t rely on stereotypes or icons!  Not every tree is an oak tree.  There are so many types of trees.  But you have to look for them, and study them.  Be as specific as you possibly can with everything in the environment, otherwise it will look boring and generic.

Most importantly, keep drawing and challenging yourself to try new things!  Good luck!

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